It is easy to create an IT system. But it is difficult to create a system that matches the challenges facing a modern body repair shop perfectly. With ProcessManager, PPG has succeeded in creating a system that gives a better overview, optimises productivity and directs focus towards increasing earnings at the body shop, all at the same time. You can read more about the secret behind the system’s success here.

Markku Vataja
Markku VatajaWarehouse manager and painter at Jyki Oy
Jyki Oy is a body shop founded in 1968. Jyki Oy manufactures trailers for transporting timber, soil and gravel, as well as swapbody trailers for transporting a number of different cargo. Jyki Oy manufactures all parts and elements of the trailers except the axles. In addition of Finland, the deliveries go to Russia, Sweden, Norway and the Baltic countries. The number of staff is approximately 70 of which 1-2 persons work in the paint shop. The factory delivers around 250-300 trailers on yearly basis. The interviewee from Jyki Oy is the warehouse manager and painter Markku Vataja.
Risto Uusivirta
Risto UusivirtaTAKK, Tampere Adult Education Centre
TAKK, is a vocational education institution founded in 1962. The institution is owned by Tampere adult education foundation. TAKK has approximately 16 000 students per year in over 100 vocational study programmes. The number of staff is almost 350. The Automotive field’s Paint shop -study programme has two instructors and the number of students per year is 25. The study programme finishes around 150 paint jobs per year. The interviewee from TAKK is instructor Risto Uusivirta.