In this section you will find a list of frequently asked questions. Of course, if you have any further specific questions, you can always contact us.

ProcessManager is the system for everyone who wants to create a more efficient workday for themselves and their colleagues in the paintshop – and earn more money!
ProcessManager is a user-friendly IT-system for effectively managing all processes in the workshop. The system provides an overview of all work processes and measures where in the repair-process time is wasted. Combined with electronic worksheets, automated stock management, full integration with CABAS and automatic invoicing, ProcessManager unlocks man-hours, minimizes usage of materials and improves customer satisfaction – all to the benefit of employees, managers and the bottom line.
No, not at all we have customers with 3 employees and customers who are up to 50 employees. So all sizes of shops can benefit from using ProcessManager.
No special hardware or software is required. The system, ProcessManager is cloud based so you only need a good connection to the internet and a browser either from a desktop or a tablet.
We will adapt the system to fit your shop’s needs. The system’s layout is not predefined and therefore you do not need to change your daily workflow in order to use ProcessManager. However, if we do see a way that we can help you optimize and improve your workflow, we will be happy to help you do so.
The ProcessManager was developed by us in close cooperation with body shop painters in everyday practice. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy making the system as user-friendly as possible, making it easy to learn and use in everyday life.
It takes 1-3 days to get the system up and running depending on your shops size. We always reserve 3 days to install the system and will only leave, once we feel confident that everything is working as planned. When our team leave, we will always plan a few follow up visits.
You and your team will be trained on-site. Before the training you can name so-called “key users”, who we will train intensively in separate workshops. Since the system is very intuitive to use and every employee only needs to learn the part of the system relevant to their working area, our expierience shows us, that the training is very smoothly executed.
The monthly fee is fixed and not dependent on shop size, amount of jobs or amount of technicians. The price is a monthly Flat rate. One rate for the small package, which only includes the stock system, and another rate for the full package, which gives you access to utilize all modules.